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San Diego Cello Foundation


Our Story

Music participation plays an integral part in an enduring society.

Music education promotes keeping classical music and musical legacy alive.



The San Diego Cello Foundation is dedicated to further and better music education of all ages in the community through instrument loaning programs, masterclasses series, concerts, competitions, and festivals.  We will support the children from underprivileged families with instrument loaning programs, schools without financial stability to establish proper music classes.  Our endeavor will create concert opportunities and masterclasses for professionals and amateurs.  The privilege to learn from renowned artists will truly inspire them to be able to demonstrate their passion for music.


Founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2019 by a group of professional cellists in San Diego, the San Diego Cello Foundation was established to function as a platform to connect cellists of all ages, professionals, and amateurs.  It will be the ultimate place to talk, play, and explore the art of cello.


The San Diego Cello Foundation will focus on the music education of our future generations.   Our ultimate goal is to act as a musical bridge to connect classical music enthusiasts and share the beautiful music fabric throughout the world.


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